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AtypI in Poland

Briar Levit

I've now been back from Poland for a week, and I'm still missing my daily dose of pierogi.

I'm a proper Slavophile, so I was in heaven with the Polish cuisine.

I'm a proper Slavophile, so I was in heaven with the Polish cuisine.

I had a great time sharing a slightly newer cut of the film to the International audience at the conference. Getting the chance throughout the conference to speak with designers who either lived through the type era, or student designers who knew nothing of it was incredibly helpful.

I discovered that a little bit of content should be removed, and perhaps included as a DVD extra, and that a European voice was missing in the narrative. What does that mean? (Un)fortunately, another trip for me and director of photography, Dawn Jones Redstone. More details as they emerge.

So what does this mean for the release of Graphic Means? It means we will probably push back to early 2017. It was a hard decision, but I think making the best film is what is most important. So, as usual, stay tuned for important dates.

Finally, at the last minute, I was asked to speak at the Creative Works Conference in Memphis, TN. Come say 'hi' if you'll be there too!

I got to meet my fellow  Alphabette ,  Indra Kupferschmid !

I got to meet my fellow Alphabette, Indra Kupferschmid!