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The sounds of Graphic Means, are the sounds of The BBC's Radiophonic Workshop

Briar Levit

Some of you have noticed the soundtrack to the Kickstarter trailer is made by none other than John Baker of the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop. For those are unfamiliar, here’s a little background.

The Radiophonic Workshop was a department of the BBC, started in 1958, tasked with making music and sound effects for radio and TV. Perhaps the best known member of the Workshop was Delia Derbyshire who is responsible for the classic theme song to Dr. Who.

John Baker arrived at The Radiophonic Workshop in 1960. With a background in jazz, brought his own unique sound into the fold.

The thing that makes The Radiophonic Workshop so incredible and beloved to this day, is the experimentation, and groundbreaking sounds and techniques they employed. While they certainly weren’t the first electronic musicians (technically that started as early the late 19th century), they brought the music to the masses, and inspired generations of electronic musicians after them.

So why did I choose this music for Graphic Means? Well, I'm a longtime electronic music lover, and worshiper of the Radiophonic Workshop. Because this music was made in the era that much of Graphic Means will focus on, it seemed like the perfect soundtrack.

Additionally, the relationship of early electronic music, to the electronic music today felt like a really lovely parallel to the early electronic methods of design production and their progression to digital as we know it today.

If you’re a fan of the tracks, you can check out some of these collections (click the link to buy).